Unlike Any Other.

You know when you meet a soul sister, one of those people that you know intuitively you are aligned in your mission to help others?  Well, that is what happened when I met Shelly Debin Toland.  Beautiful and initially softspoken is how she appeared at first, but crack her open and she’s a strong, goofy, wildly inspirational warrior!  LITERALLY.

With 5 black belts, Shelly is not someone you mess with, but it wasn’t always this way.  She has had some incredible health challenges, experienced sexual assault, and finally took control of her own health after being disappointed with traditional approaches.

Where We Began

Shelly surprised me when she came out of left field with her request to help her develop her coaching business into a branded system that would contain all of the ways she helps others within their health journey.  Shelly is one of those ladies that can get anything done and had been producing assets for her coaching program on- her own – and they looked great!  However, she wanted a cohesive look and feel that would take all of the bits and pieces she had, along with her coaching program and combine it under one business brand, so that’s what we did.

Her visionary thinking, strategic approach, and creative brilliance make Kristen an indispensable asset.


How do you show off a warrior?

There are some people in this world that have a harder yoke that others. Shelly has been one of those people that has fought back, conquered every obstacle, despite the numerous ones she's had thrown at her. It's like she's been in training her whole life to help others overcome too.

When Shelly was 28, she had a very serious moment with her doctor.  She had been ill and no one could offer her a diagnosis.  Doctor after doctor, they were all baffled at the cause of her illness and tried combating the symptoms with every drug imaginable.  Shelly was unable to keep water or food in her body, her organs were shutting down and the only real advice she received was to “Make drastic changes or you won’t live to 40.”

Shelly had two choices.  Give up or Fight.

The warrior emerged.  Over being over medicated, Shelly stopped all of the medications and took charge with alternative treatments like mindfulness, nourishment, movement and boundaries.  Shelly took on her autoimmune disease, anxiety, depression and won.  

Shelly went on to become a fifth degree black belt, a yogi, and quite the entrepreneur with multiple successful business ventures, but this business … this one was personal.

When we began working together, Shelly really had a desire to capture a unique look and feel.  Her passion for leopard prints, and her goofy, jokester self needed to be a part of her brand.  The realness of her soul, her passion for others, her love for living life and rolling with the punches, esteems Shelly to one of those people I would strive to be more like and making sure we accurately displayed all sides of her was incredibly important to me.

It was an honor to help her build her dream business and to continue to support her in her growth.

The Warrior Soul Coaching Business

Shelly believes that to have your body healthy as a whole, you must be healthy in three areas: a healthy body, a healthy mind, and healthy finances.  Usually, finances are where the most surprise comes when Shelly shares her philosophy.  To that Shelly says, “They don’t say ‘money is the root of all evil’ for shits and giggles.”  Unhealthy finances can cause stress, anxiety, depression, heart disease, high blood pressure and inflammation.

Shelly offers two main ways to have her coach you through your health goals.  She offers Group Accountability coaching as well as One-On-One Coaching.  Guiding her clients with meal plans, success tracking tools, accountability and mindset coaching to help ensure the success of each of her clients in taking back their health.  Her love and passion for helping others take back their lives is why this woman will always be my soul sister. 


The brand name we decided on for Shelly’s coaching business was Warrior Soul.  It shares the fluidity of her attitude when faced with any hardship, and the strength that she can bring at any given moment.  Obviously you  can’t contain a Warrior Soul, so the logo needed to be something that balanced the “Structure of a Warrior,” with the “Freedom of Soul.”  Combining the typography of “Warrior with the hand-drawn “Soul” balanced all of the elements Shelly wanted to have for her logo.

When you have a beauty like Shelly who is willing to do anything, you can’t help but have an incredibly fun brand shoot!  Dressed up or dressed down, Shelly had me in stitches throughout the shoot.  It was important to showcase the survivor, her not so serious side, as well as the sheer confidence of her Warrior Soul.  

The key to making everything work is having a system in place that drives it, so again, Kajabi for the win!  Choosing Kajabi as our tech solution meant that Shelly’s entire product solution and coaching program could exist with her website, marketing, and sales funnels.  It makes integration incredibly easy.  To see Shelly’s website, sales pages, opt-ins and offerings in action visit her site.

Kristen's remarkable strengths lies in her ability to seamlessly transition from strategic planning to creative development.

I am thrilled to provide a glowing testimonial for Kristen, who has been an exceptional brand strategist and creative director. Her expertise and passion have made a profound impact on my business and personal brand development.

Kristen possesses a unique ability to understand and amplify her clients’ personal brands. From the very beginning, she invested considerable time and effort to comprehend my vision, values, and goals. Her astute observations and insightful questions allowed her to delve deep into the essence of my brand, enabling her to craft a business strategy that aligned perfectly with my personal brand.

One of Kristen’s remarkable strengths lies in her ability to seamlessly transition from strategic planning to creative development. With her guidance, we embarked on a collaborative journey, where she skillfully translated the core elements of my brand into compelling visuals, captivating storytelling, and engaging messaging. Kristen’s meticulous attention to detail ensured that every aspect of the creative development process was executed flawlessly.

Furthermore, Kristen’s expertise in sparking a brand for implementation is unparalleled. She possesses an innate talent for transforming abstract ideas into concrete action plans. With her strategic mindset and forward-thinking approach, she provided invaluable guidance on how to effectively implement the creative concepts she had developed. Kristen’s clear communication and well-defined strategies enabled me to seamlessly execute the brand across various platforms and touchpoints.

Throughout our collaboration, Kristen demonstrated unwavering dedication, professionalism, and a genuine passion for her work. Her commitment to excellence and her ability to surpass expectations is truly commendable. Not only did she deliver outstanding results, but she also empowered me with the knowledge and tools to sustain and grow my brand long-term.

I wholeheartedly recommend Kristen as a brand strategist and creative director to anyone seeking to elevate their personal brand or business. Her visionary thinking, strategic approach, and creative brilliance make her an indispensable asset. Working with Kristen has been an absolute pleasure, and I am grateful for the transformative impact she has had on my brand’s success.