Your brand is your business.


Mike leveraged his authority brand business with a suite of courses and tools for MSPs and ended up closing a huge consulting deal with a $2B Software company as the authority for teaching their customers how to use their tools to close bigger and better deals. His name, brand, and authority are now sitting in front of his ideal customers 24/7.  All from one decision to build a brand business around his intellectual property.

I build you a monetizable, marketable brand business.

Having expertise in brand, marketing, sales, strategy and creative, along with my unique makeup, I have developed an understanding of analytical analysis, strategic positioning for correct perception, and how to speak to your audience using all methods of communication.  I specialize in helping develop and position your brand to create an effective product and or service offering that provides a solution for your unique audience and scales with you.  Strategizing over brand, product, service, creative, marketing and sales funnels, the deliverable to you is a complete plug and play business based on your desired outcome.  From the moment of our engagement I harness all of these tools to make sure we are intentional in every decision, creating a wide berth of opportunities for your success.  Also, I work with a team of experts so you get the best.

I get it all done for you.

Operating in many roles from COO, CMO, CCO, Brand Strategist and Creative Director. I have led teams to build:

• Powerful Visual Identities
• Multi-million dollar sales funnels
• Highly profitable suites of digital products and courses
• Consulting businesses
• Masterminds
• Live events
… and so much more.

I have helped develop numerous personal brands that have positioned clients as thought leaders, influencers and authorities.  Simply by leveraging you. Working with high achievers whose only commodity is their time, I have systems established to require as little of your time as possible.

How we connect.

As you can imagine, working with clients to help establish a brand business around them requires trust and a shared vision.  In order to make sure I am the smooth operator for you,  I offer a Vision Strategy Session as our first engagement.  To learn more about the Vision Strategy Session, please click the button below.