You are the CEO of Your Brand Business. When did you last assess the asset and performance?


  • Imagine being the CEO of you.
  • How is business performing?
  • What is a Brand Business?
  • Example of a Brand Business.

Let’s take a quick mental assessment of your brand business.  In this scenario, you are the asset and you manage the asset.

Your Asset:

  1. The current value and potential value.
  2. The current impact and potential impact
  3. The uniqueness of the asset.
  4. Mastery of gifts, talents, knowledge, and wisdom.
  5. The experience that came with that mastery.
  6. Your intellectual property.

Your Goal:

  1. Strategy for Achievement.
  2. Positioning for Success.
  3. Development of Consumable Assets.
  4. Operations at the Highest ROI.
  5. Monetization Strategies at Every Level of Engagement.

You have the power to:

  1. Increase sustainability.
  2. Increase profitability.
  3. Provide purpose-driven impact.
  4. Establish legacy.
  5. Help others understand its value and accomplishments.

A few questions as the CEO of your company:

  1. How is your business performing?
  2. Is it generating the income it could?
  3. What areas are the business weak in?
  4. How could you position your business better?
  5. Are there ways to increase the output of the business?
  6. How far away is your business from reaching the success you see for it?
  7. Where could your business easily grab money?  The low-hanging fruit?

If the results of this assessment of your “business” are making you see red, I can help.

While I’ve been speaking metaphorically about your brand as a business, for many of you I mean brand business very literally.

What is a Brand Business?

A brand business is a business that is built around who you are, what you’ve accomplished, what your current goals are, what your future goals are, what you have to offer, and to whom you offer it.  The offerings of your brand business should be largely driven by your brand assets, what you want to achieve, and what you want your lifestyle to be or become.

Purpose of Your Brand Business

The purpose of your brand business is to create a path for achievement.  The achievement is something that is set by you.

However, the goal is to incorporate not only short-term vision goals but also your long-term vision goals, as your brand business should be strategized for both.  What works for you today, will likely shift after you step out of operations, or successfully be acquired.  

An Example of A Brand Business

Chris Casamassa

This is Chris Casamassa.  Chris is the owner of 16 Red Dragon Karate Schools.  He’s a nine-time black belt, has a huge heart for kids, and has spent most of his entrepreneurial career building out programs to get kids enrolled at his schools.  Chris is also a world renown actor with a cult-like following, for his role as Scorpion in the original Mortal Kombat movie.

Dream client, right?

Chris saw that the entire brand of Martial Arts schools had been reduced to this feeling of “Mom and Pop.” They weren’t celebrated as a real place of training and impact both physically and morally.  He wanted to change that.

So we built a business that escalates from low-commitment digital courses to joining Chris’ mastermind and attending his live events.  He mentors and coaches Martial Arts school owners in everything from positioning to branding, to marketing, to programs, operations, and overall growth.  He has really dedicated himself to making the biggest impact in his industry by pushing his family legacy of grit, determination, and invention, forward.

Read Chris’ Brand Business Story Here >

There are many more examples I’ll be sharing with you because brand businesses aren’t linear.  They aren’t one size fits all.  Sure there are many elements, assets, and systems that are replicable, but the way all the pieces fit together is completely bespoke, based on your desired outcome.